134th Canton Fair Health and Entertainment Products Recommendation

Zhejiang Haozhonghao Health Products Co. Ltd

V8 compound core number

It has the function of lying down and spreading the thighs and waist entirely flat to meet the near-circumference massage, making it easier to recover strength. Configuration of double movement up and down set 4d, 3d temperature sensation double v massage hand, up and down movement operation, multiple parts of the massage simultaneously. With the iRest cloud system, AI detects the four significant indices of human health, matches the effective massage program, and records the message data at any time. With a positive thinking meditation program, hypnosis healing improves mood and sleep aid. Moxibustion heat therapy, using graphene heat technology combined with the built-in moxa packs, warming menstruation and dispersing cold, improving qi and blood.

Shenzhen Pango Medical Electronics Co., LTD. 

Intelligent Waist and Abdominal Massager Waist 8 (Moxibustion Model)

Pango Waist 8 Waist Massager features a built-in moxibustion box with an intelligent temperature control system that transforms traditional moxibustion with modern technology. Waist 8 uses an ARM intellectual chip core to precisely control the temperature, ensuring that the temperature inside the box is in the optimal range to maximize the effectiveness of moxibustion. To avoid being burned when the temperature is too high, Waist Eight is equipped with a temperature-sensing insurance setting; once the temperature is out of the normal range, it will intelligently lower the temperature to prevent being burned.

Wuhan Sino Joinsun Technology & Trade Co. Ltd

Food Printer

This product is a food printer developed based on food safety requirements, with food-grade printheads and ink systems, using edible food “ink” to print graphics directly on food products, which can help food manufacturers create cultural creativity, fun, social new products, and bring consumers a novel eating experience.

TRT International Enterprise

Tongrentang Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules

The product can help strengthen immunity and improve sleep quality. It can effectively inhibit the vitality of colorectal cancer cells, improve the therapeutic effect of lung cancer, reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy drugs, and bring new hope to cancer patients.

Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology Co. Ltd

Ecopawfect Plant Fiber Cat Litter

Ecopawfect is a commodity brand dedicated to eco-friendly pet products, launching plant fiber eco-friendly cat litter to make more pet owners love eco-friendly products. Our factories have independently innovated production lines to provide professional integrated manufacturing and delivery services from concept to production, helping to develop the brand and promote a better eco-friendly lifestyle for people and pets.


Raw processed orange peel products

The comprehensive utilization technology of citrus waste realizes the generation of total utilization from citrus flowers to fruits and from citrus peels to residues. It fills the industrial blank of comprehensive utilization of deep citrus processing in China. This technology is at the leading level at home and abroad and has become the wind vane of the citrus complete utilization technology integration market.

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