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The aluminium glass railing has been designed perfectly with practicality and aesthetics. Its unique U-shaped groove design accommodates the glass insert ideally and prevents the glass from sliding and breaking, increasing safety. Its structure is simple, a U-shaped slot with fittings, fixed with screws and installed with glass to form the railing.

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Brushed satin anodised, black powder coating, on request.

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staircase, balcony, etc.


The aluminum glass railing adds a unique touch to you with its exceptional durability and elegant appearance. This aluminum glass channel is made of high-quality aluminum material, finely polished to present a smooth and bright texture. At the same time, it can resist scratches and impacts in daily life, ensuring an aesthetic effect for long-term use. At the same time, the aluminum glass balustrade can be used with a variety of flooring materials, saving you time in choosing the right one.

The aluminum glass railing also has excellent load-bearing properties and can withstand the weight of all kinds of glass products to ensure the stability of use. Its simple and fashionable appearance design suits various interior decoration styles, adding an elegant and noble atmosphere to your space.

With its high-quality materials, unique design, easy installation, and excellent performance, aluminum glass railing brings a safe, beautiful, and practical experience.


We are a staircase railing wholesaler from China, wholesale railings to domestic and foreign customers. Our minimum order is 15 pieces.

We ship from China, usually from Shanghai or Foshan seaport. You can choose sea or air transportation.

We have produced stair railings for over ten years, with multiple production lines, skilled operators, and an efficient sales team.

Yes. We have an international trade sales team to serve overseas customers. International trade orders have already accounted for a certain percentage of our annual sales.

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