Stainless Steel Glass Clamp, Spigot Square Bracket

The base of the stainless steel clamps bracket is square. This type is formed in one piece, simple shaped, suitable for frameless glass guardrail. It is widely used in poolside guardrail systems.

Additional information


one piece, square.


160cm, 200cm.


AISI304, AISI316


satin, mirror


staircase, balcony, swimming pool, etc.


Product characteristics:

  • The glass is perforation-free.
  • Suitable for 8-12mm glass, other widths of glass can be customized.
  • Include rubber gasket and retaining screw.
  • 4 x M8 anchor bolts secure each post to the ground.
  • This product has onely 1 style, which apply to end, middle and right side of blustrade system.

How to select the correct grade of stainless steel?

There are two generally accepted grades of stainless steel balustrade, 304 grade, and 316 grade. The project manager should take care to ensure the correct grade is selected for the actual application. Which grade is necessary depends on the proposed application. As a rule of thumb, 304 grade stainless steel is used for internal jobs, and 316 grade stainless is used for external applications. There are 3 main things to take into consideration when selecting the correct grade of stainless for your project.

Will your balustrade be inside or outside?

Will your project in a coastal area?

Will your balustrade need to withstand exposure to a lot of chemicals? (e.g. swimming pool)

How to choose different finishes of stainless steel?

Satin finish is the standard finish of stainless steel we would supply for all applications that aren’t in marine areas. But it does have crevices where corrosive substances can appear. However, this is a minor concern in most non-marine areas.

Mirror polished finish is a highly reflective and smooth finish to the stainless steel. More important than its visual appeal is the increased resistance to corrosion. This is due to the small grooves in the stainless steel being polished out, leaving a totally smooth finish.


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