5 Advantages of Stainless Steel  Balustrades & Railings

The choice of material for discerning architects in search for a  unique railing system, stainless steel helps produce a significant  design impact. Given the material’s clean, beautiful looks, and  resistance to rust, it’s easy to understand the reasons which make  it so popular. In addition, it complements other materials when  used in combination with glass or wood to create a distinctive  modern feel.  

Here are five reasons why you should consider stainless steel balustrades:

1.Suitable for applications

The design options with stainless steel are very wide. The  material is bright and clean, available in various shapes, finishes  and can be designed to suit a wide range of applications – from  industrial, commercial to residential.  

2.Extreme Durability

Railings made of stainless steel can stand  many years of use and abuse, as well as exposure to extreme  weather conditions. Any commercial or residential property’s  exteriors should be designed to endure the elements. Stainless  steel railings will hold their ground firmly because of their  strength and corrosion resistance properties.  

3.Cost Efficiency

When customizing metal railings, the first  thing that often comes to mind is the prohibitive cost, as well  as the associated repair and maintenance work. This is a clear  misconception! Customizing your railing is affordable. While  wood railings may be a less expensive option to customize,  they would be more costly in the long term – if you factor in  the maintenance cost. Stainless steel railings are virtually zero  maintenance with high strength, and a very long life.  

4.Aesthetic Appeal

A lot of commercial and residential  structures use railings made of stainless steel to enhance the  beauty and strength of their buildings. There are SS framed glass balustrade, wire balustrade, tube Balustrade for your choice. Stainless steel provides particular. 

5.Easy to install

Stainless steel railings are produced in the factory and installed directly on the project site. It can be installed with screws and accessories. Easy to install with glass, wire rope or steel pipe.

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