Environmentally Friendly Products Attract Buyers’ Attention at Canton Fair

It is undoubtedly green if you ask which color best represents the Canton Fair.

The exhibition of green low-carbon products, about 430,000 pieces, intelligent products, about 110,000 pieces, to achieve the first time in 67 years holding low-carbon environmental protection, green electricity full coverage, electricity zero carbon emissions, to guide the use of professional environmentally friendly materials Green Booth Award Selection …… the 134th Canton Fair the concept of green development through all aspects of the exhibition.

In the second phase of the Canton Fair exhibition site, we found low-carbon and environmentally friendly products throughout the daily ceramics, kitchen utensils, sanitary equipment, and other exhibition areas. Bamboo, corn, sugar cane, wood, etc., transformed into straws, lunch boxes, and five plastic-coated preparations, adding many recycled porcelain materials to recycled new ceramic tableware. Through design adjustments to achieve water-saving and consumption reduction of sanitary products, etc., environmental protection through the current Canton Fair to the global market.

Biodegradable products usher in significant opportunities

Green products have become the main products of many enterprises at the Canton Fair. The booth of Zhejiang Kingsun Eco-pack Co., Ltd. has white bagasse trays, sugarcane pulp lock boxes, biodegradable coffee cup lids, etc. Kingsun foreign trade manager Jiang Lingyan said the kitchenware displayed at the Canton Fair is produced from sugarcane and other biodegradable environmental protection materials. These products are popular in the European and American markets as soon as they are launched. The Canton Fair has invited 20 companies in advance to participate in the fair this year. Canton Fair is to ask more than 20 old customers to the booth in advance to negotiate.

The reporter noticed that tableware products made of bagasse, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, and other materials are not uncommon in the Canton Fair, such as Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd Shenyang comeboard Technology Co. It can be said that the whole body is a treasure, and our best-selling product now is paper straws, and customers like some products made from sugarcane pulp.” Jiurong Packaging deputy general manager Yu Xiao said.

“Packing boxes may not be so friendly to the environment if they are made of plastic. Against this backdrop, paper-based products have become a sought-after category by customers, especially bamboo pulp-based products.” Yu Xiao said that, like Hong Kong, Europe, the United States, and other regions that have implemented the plastic ban, plastic products have gradually become dominant, and procurement of plastic means higher tariffs. Jurong Packaging’s paper products in Germany, Spain, France, and others ushered in market opportunities.

Many green products are displayed for the first time at this year’s Canton Fair, and plastic-free paper plates from FESTA (GUANGZHOU) CO., LTD are one of them. “These products use biodegradable, environmentally friendly white card, food-grade ink and other raw materials, high temperature, high-pressure molding, to achieve water resistance, oil resistance, and no leakage. It is worth mentioning that the plastic-free paper plate has been tested as qualified by EU standards and is the first paper plate product that has been successfully developed in China and meets the plastic-free standards of the EU market.” The person in charge of the company said.

“We launch an average of more than 1,300 new products yearly, and this year’s Canton Fair is expected to harvest about 6 million U.S. dollars in intentional orders.” The person in charge said that over 80% of the company’s customers are met through the Canton Fair and signed an order since the launch. It has harvested a lot of buyers from Europe, the United States, and other markets with the intention of purchase orders; orders from South America are also increasing, looking forward to using the Canton Fair as a platform for foreign trade and to develop the product international market further.

SIJIA INDUSTRIAL MENTRAME CO.LTD brought NON-PVC flooring to the exhibition; this product adopts natural renewable environmental protection materials to create ecological protection flooring materials with a green core, which brings a qualitative leap for the functionality and environmental protection of the building itself. It attracts countless eyeballs and triggers the attention of the whole field once it is unveiled.

Enhancing Green Product Content

In Hunan Hualian China Industry Co., LTD. booth, matte texture and brushed reactive glaze combination of creative home ceramics, they attracted buyers from Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and other regions to stop and inquire about the production process of defective products and daily waste porcelain products.

“We take these porcelain recycling as materials, and then after a set of processes, added to the new production of porcelain products, the current proportion of recycled porcelain added has reached 20%.” Zhang Ping introduced the recycled content standard, which has three main zones: content of less than 20%, content of 20% to 50%, and content of more than 50%. The recycled content of Hualian Porcelain was also certified by the international certification but also named the local, provincial green factory.

“We started making products from recycled stainless steel the year before and also set a target of reducing energy consumption by 5% per year, and customers in Europe and the United States have been very receptive to these initiatives.” Ouyang Bo, vice president of ZheJiang Haers Vacuum Containers Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the use of recycled materials to make environmentally friendly products has been applied in many production lines, and they have also improved environmental protection through the use of lead-free solder and other innovations in the production process.

Some exhibitors are realizing low-carbon environmental protection through design. “We are now the most important market in North America, Europe, because of green, energy saving, reduce carbon footprint requirements, there is product design there are adjustments, such as reducing the weight of the product, reduce the size, there are also adjustments to the product packaging, of course, this year, many customers are also being put forward to have to use the amount of recycling to account for how much.” Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. staff Sun Li said.

Sun Li told reporters, Huida in the direction of research and development, is also constantly considering environmental protection needs, “the main demand in North America is water conservation, Europe, this piece of the current requirements is to reduce carbon emissions, Southeast Asia on the environmental protection of the product does not have too many requirements, we are based on the requirements of the enterprise’s product standards, at the beginning of the product design continues to be adjusted in this direction, such as conformity European market demand to do miniaturized products is typical.”

In this Canton Fair, TACO Ltd’s foamed ceramics display has aroused the keen interest of professionals. The unique properties of foamed ceramics make it a big hit in many fields. In the aerospace field, it reduces the aircraft’s overall weight and improves fuel efficiency and load-carrying capacity. In the automotive industry, the efficiency of automobile engines has increased dramatically.

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