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The second phase of the 134th Canton Fair was held from October 23-27, and it has ended. There were 9,674 exhibitors in the second phase of the Canton Fair, focusing on three sectors: housewares, gifts, and decorations, building materials and furniture, each of which has reached the scale of a large-scale professional exhibition, integrating to create the theme concept of “Grand Home.” According to a person in charge of the Information Center of Canton Fair, the second phase continued the hotness of the first phase, with innovative exhibitors, fashionable and novel products on display, overseas buyers coming to the fair enthusiastically, and a warm atmosphere for negotiation and transaction.

The number of overseas buyers increased the structure optimization

Since the opening of this session of the Canton Fair, as of October 27, a total of 157,200 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions have come to the fair, an increase of 53.6% over the same period of the 133rd session and an increase of 4.1% over the same period of the 126th session before the epidemic. Among them, over 100,000 buyers from The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road countries accounted for 64%, up 69.9% over the same period of the 133rd session; the number of buyers from Europe and the United States increased restoratively, up 54.9% over the same period of the 133rd session. Exhibitors generally reflected that the on-site turnover of the Fair and buyers’ follow-up appointments to visit factories were better than expected, confidence has been restored, and optimism about the number of future orders.

The visitor flow in the second phase was reduced compared to the first. Still, the buyers were more purposeful, and some overseas customers would directly ask exhibitors about the goods they needed after arriving at the display cabinets and requesting the company’s catalogs.

“We can’t see all the goods, and we try to communicate face-to-face with the manufacturers we need as much as possible.” A buyer from South Korea said in Mandarin.

The “Grand Home” setup facilitates one-stop purchasing for buyers

This year’s Canton Fair optimized the structure of the exhibition area, the building and decorative materials exhibition area, and the sanitary equipment exhibition area from the first phase to the second phase, integrated to create a “large home” theme, better cater to the international market demand for consumption upgrading, quality of life. Household goods, gifts and decorations, building materials and furniture three plates exhibition area of 170,000, 200,000, and 140,000 square meters, a comprehensive display to promote home consumption of the whole industry chain products, not only to facilitate one-stop shopping but also to promote industry exchanges and cooperation and innovation.

Among them in the gifts and decorations area, the first to meet the eye are Christmas gifts, some Christmas styling platters in the first day of development to attract a lot of buyers from Europe and the United States to consult, some buyers with shopping baskets to the samples loaded up, and said: “beautiful!”, there are some buyers with interpreters pointing to some of the booths, said: “This product is good, remember to write it down for me.”

Overseas buyers favor green, low-carbon products

 Phase II enterprises uploaded about 690,000 new products, green low-carbon products, independent intellectual property rights, and intelligent products on the Canton Fair online platform, accounting for 60% of the total exhibits in Phase II. In the exhibition halls, green and low-carbon products are spread across the major exhibition areas, such as kitchenware, daily-use ceramics, building materials and decorative materials, sanitary ware, furniture, household goods, etc., which have become the “first products” promoted by the enterprises and are well received by overseas buyers, especially those from Europe and the United States.

Bamboo, corn, sugar cane, wood, and other materials into straws, lunch boxes, and five plastic coating preparations, adding many recycled ceramic materials to the new ceramic tableware through the design adjustment to achieve water-saving sanitary products. Applying environmentally friendly new materials, recyclable products, energy saving, and emission reduction in the production process …… green manufacturing for enterprises to win more orders from overseas customers.

Activities such as innovation release and trade docking are brilliant.

The second phase held a total of 112 new product debut shows, six professional forums, 8 “Trade Bridge” global supply and procurement docking and trade promotion series of activities; also held the Canton Fair Design Innovation Award Ceremony and the “Green Time” activities, empowering innovation and green development.

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