Introduction to the Phase 2 Exhibition Halls of the 134th Canton Fair

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The 134th Canton Fair Phase 2 was held from October 23 to 27, focusing on showcasing household products, gifts, decorations, building materials, and furniture themes. To provide you with a convenient overview of Phase 2, we have prepared information about the 134th Canton Fair Phase 2 exhibition halls for your reference.

 ╱ Full Hall Tour ╱

 By browsing the overall floor plan, you can find information about buyer registration counters, security checkpoints, information desks, and transportation details, making it easier for exhibitors to access the various services they need.

╱ Exhibition Area Layout ╱

 Reviewing the exhibition area layout for Phase 2 allows you to quickly locate the exhibition halls and pavilions corresponding to your procurement themes, allowing exhibitors to plan their exhibition routes effectively.

 ╱ “Grand Furniture” Theme ╱

 The 134th Canton Fair Phase 2 has integrated the “Grand Home” concept, creating three specialized sections of building & furniture, housewares, and gifts & decorations. This arrangement effectively showcases and promotes the entire industry chain, offering a one-stop purchasing experience for buyers.

╱ Special Note ╱

 Hall D17-20 is a newly established exhibition area, showcasing home decorations, gifts and giveaways, watches, eyewear, and other related products, along with trade support services.


134th Canton Fair Guide Map Brochure (Phase 2)

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