Top 7 Featured Furniture Products in Canton Fair Guangzhou 2023

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The 134th Canton Fair Featured Products Launch — FURNITURE. According to the official introduction of the Canton Fair, it selected new products, new technologies, new brands, and new services in the field of industry and commerce to be widely introduced to the world. Below, we will show you some of the highlights of building materials and furniture in this event.

Oppein Home Group Inc.

Product: Find Peace

OPPEIN design and manufacture high-quality kitchens, wardrobes, bespoke home furniture, bathroom products, interior doors,  aluminum windows & doors, and home furnishing, capable of offering one-stop home decor products and solutions.

Look for calm, the urban elite’s spiritual rest place, to experience the quiet years and enjoy a calm life. The product ultimately retains the elegant texture of wood grain, and the unique shape of the quartz stone island makes the kitchen space full of luxury. At the same time, recessed lighting and clear glass create a delicate, romantic, smooth texture.


Higold Group Co., Ltd.

Products: Sky Wing Series Outdoor Sofa

Higold is a diversified and innovative enterprise focusing on home hardware, business including functional hardware, furniture fittings, kitchen and bathroom hardware, etc. 

The wings of Heaven inspire the design of the Sky Wing series. Designers integrate the lightness and strength of angel wings, giving them a graceful shape and light soul, bringing us a unique feeling of lightness, breathability, purity, and beauty.


Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

Product: Art Bowl

Huida Sanitary Ware has moved beyond being a producer of ceramic sanitary ware to one that focuses on intelligent bathroom accessories, unit bathrooms, bathroom hardware, furniture, bathtubs, shower rooms, cistern fittings, and tiles.

The main body of the bowl’s product shape is the runway circle’s nesting. Based on the runway circle, it has carried out a soft deformation design treatment to curve the horizontal part. The product is designed with flexibility and closeness as the design concept by reducing the stern face and aggression, increasing affinity, and giving users a more comfortable experience. Through the innovative design of different colors inside and outside, increase the attractiveness and uniqueness of the product and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

In the production process, energy-saving and emission-reduction processes and equipment are used to minimize the impact of energy consumption and wastewater discharge on the environment. In addition, the product can be designed and produced on the fixed embryo according to customer requirements, providing products and services that are more suitable for consumer needs.


Guangzhou Jia Zhijie Sanitary Ware Co., LTD

Product: Integrated Underwater Treadmill

JETMAN has grown to be a large-scale enterprise specializing in producing ceramic basins. 

It uses new technology to place the treadmill in water and is controlled by a large, waterproof touch screen. It can select the treadmill function and display the user’s exercise and status. At the same time, the buoyancy of water is used to reduce the joint-bearing capacity of consumers’ feet and minimize joint damage.


All Victory Grass (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Product: Terahertz Antibacterial Artificial Grass

All Victory Grass is one of China’s top sports, leisure, decoration, and other artificial turf and soccer equipment manufacturers.

The products use Terahertz professional antibacterial and exclusive EC0100% recyclable technology to achieve lawn recycling, reduce carbon emissions, and be safer and more environmentally friendly. Among them, the non-contact THz long-lasting antibacterial product has passed the test of professional institutions in Japan and China, and the antibacterial rate has reached 99.9%. Moreover, the THz antibacterial lawn can absorb energy under thermal radiation irradiation, emitting 0.4THz~2.0THz electromagnetic waves.

The electromagnetic wave in this band has the characteristics of short wavelength, rich frequency, and robust transmission, creating a microenvironment that is not conducive to the survival and multiplication of bacteria to achieve the purpose of sterilization. At the same time, TVOC gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia can be efficiently removed to purify the air and improve the safety of the indoor environment. The release of terahertz waves has an intense penetration, and radiation force can promote capillary dilation to promote blood circulation. Enhance metabolism and regeneration to improve immunity.


Guangdong KITO Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. 

Product: Hollow Lattice Ceramics

For over 17 years, KITO has been the trusted industry leader in ceramic manufacturing and architectural solutions. 

100% of the raw materials for producing foam products, with lightweight, high-strength waterproof fire, sound insulation, and heat insulation properties. It can replace traditional stone for window and door covers and restoration of ancient buildings.


Jiangsu Airus Balustrades Limited

Product: Wooden Stainless Steel Glass Railing

AIRUS BALUSTRADES is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in producing stainless steel stair posts.

Wooden Stainless Steel Glass Railing comprises a double plate, solid wood, base, glass clamp and support frame. The overall shape is diamond-shaped. Suitable for wooden stairs.

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