Black Balcony Railing

Black Balcony Railing is sturdy, practical, beautifully modeled, and easy to install. Its regular steel tube diameter is 50*50mm, its height is 85mm or 1050mm, and the height can be customized. The styles of black balustrade posts are single-slot, double-slot, and corner. The product is made of stainless steel, and the outer surface is plated with black or black baking paint.

Additional information


Black balustrade posts


AISI304, AISI316


Electroplate,Baking paint


staircase, balcony, swimming pool, etc.



  • The glass is perforation-free.
  • The standard glass width corresponding to the slot is 12mm, other widths can be customized.
  • The height of the slot from the ground can be customized.
  • This product has 3 styles, which are single slot handrails, two side slot handrails and right Angle slot handrails.

Black Balcony Railing has been proven in the market with mature technology and reasonable metal structure welding. Its overall shape uses a hole-free design, welded steel grooves within the steel tube, and one-piece molding, which is more solid and sturdy. The base steel plate uses a thickened steel plate, which can be more stable after installation and withstand prolonged use. We pay attention to details and smooth surfaces of black balustrade posts.

Our use of thickened steel pipe product quality is good. We use thickened steel pipes and always keep the thickness of steel pipes the same. We are the source factory of black balcony railing, direct production. Our products are of acceptable quality and can meet your needs.


We are a staircase railing wholesaler from China, wholesale railings to domestic and foreign customers. Our minimum order is 15 pieces.

We ship from China, usually from Shanghai or Foshan seaport. You can choose sea or air transportation.

We have produced stair railings for over ten years, with multiple production lines, skilled operators, and an efficient sales team.

Yes. We have an international trade sales team to serve overseas customers. International trade orders have already accounted for a certain percentage of our annual sales.

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