Black Glass Railing

Black railing with glass for those who prefer darker shades. The glass railing with internal slots provides a simple yet stable style. The simple lines of this black glass railing make it suitable for a wide range of design styles.

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SS 304, SS 316


Electroplate,Baking paint


85cm/33.5in, 105cm/41.3in, customized.



Many designers will incorporate black elements into their decorating designs. Black Glass Railing is a great option. The black square tubes are equipped with glass to reveal layers of contrast, which can be well integrated into indoor staircases and outdoor terraces.

When choosing a stair railing, try the black glass stair railing if you want to keep it simple but not too personal. This stair railing will enhance the design of your space and will go well with a simple style space.

The main structure of the black glass railing is a black stainless steel tube with inward-facing slots. The bottom part is connected to the floor, and the top is connected to the handrail by a movable joint. Its structure is designed to ensure safety.


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