Corner Railing 90 Degree

Corner railings are used for railings to connect at the turning. Whether you are a designer or a wholesaler, you can’t work without it. It is an integral part of the railing system. We offer corner railings in stainless steel and aluminum.

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AISI304, AISI316, Aluminium


Electroplate,Baking paint, satin(brushed), mirror


85cm/33.5in, 105cm/41.3in, customized.



In the installation of metal railings, there will always be corners. That’s when a corner railing is needed. Corner railings connect railings at corners; the connection angle is usually 90 degrees, sometimes 45 degrees. If corner railings are missing, installers cannot complete the construction project successfully.

Staircases come in various forms, including straight staircases and winding staircases. Meandering stairs are often used when the vertical distance between two landings is considerable. Corner stair railings are needed at the corners of meandering stairs. Corner railings are also required at balcony corners when fences are installed on polygonal balconies. Corner railings need connectivity, excellent stability, and aesthetics.

We have a lot of experience in manufacturing railings and can provide common styles of corner railings in stainless steel or aluminum. We can also customize the corner railing with your design. Contact us to talk about product details.


We are a staircase railing wholesaler from China, wholesale railings to domestic and foreign customers. Our minimum order is 15 pieces.

We ship from China, usually from Shanghai or Foshan seaport. You can choose sea or air transportation.

We have produced stair railings for over ten years, with multiple production lines, skilled operators, and an efficient sales team.

Yes. We have an international trade sales team to serve overseas customers. International trade orders have already accounted for a certain percentage of our annual sales.

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