What is stainless steel railing post?

Stainless Steel Railing Post – One of the more popular railing material  choices, steel requires almost no maintenance at all, but it is more  expensive than most other materials. Stainless Steel is available  in various finishes and designs. It is likewise highly durable, and can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Stainless steel railing posts are mostly stainless steel 304,316, widely used in stairs, railings, banisters, handrails of the support column, the surface is generally matte brushed, or gold-plated treatment. The main plate of the column is generally 6-15MM thick, and the specifications on the market are mostly 850*50MM or 1050*50MM in height, plus accessories such as glass grippers. The main column is cut by precision cutting equipment, can cut out a variety of shapes, and then sheet metal processing, glass lapel fasteners are mostly cast out.

Stainless steel railing post is mainly used as the support column of the railing. It is fixed with the handrail surface tube by welding or fastening screws, mainly used as the support column of the stainless steel stair handrail, balcony guardrail, channel railing and other handrails.

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