Square Pipe Railing For Stair

The Square Pipe Railing is constructed from stainless steel pipe and features an attractive, clean line design. The square pipe construction provides a modern touch, and the perforations secure 4-5 solid stainless steel wire rods to ensure the safety of any staircase, balcony, or deck.

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Item No.



SS 304, SS 316


brushed(satin), mirror


85cm/33.5in, 105cm/41.3in, customized.



  • Modern Aesthetics: The square pipe design offers a crisp geometric profile that complements any modern decoration.
  • Stainless Steel Durability: Fabricated with high-quality stainless steel for enduring strength and resistance to corrosion.
  • Easy to Maintain. The square pipe railing surface is easy to clean and maintain and has a modern look without labor-intensive upkeep.

Currently famous is metallic style decorating, which creates an industrial atmosphere using metal, logs, etc. Square Pipe Railing works well as an accent to this style. The simple shape of the square pipe provides a metallic color while ensuring solidity and stability.

The steel railing with square pipe provides a sharp visual impact. Its metallic coloring is just right for the space, balancing warmth with hardness. The square stair railing adds layers of space and visual impact.


We are a staircase railing wholesaler from China, wholesale railings to domestic and foreign customers. Our minimum order is 15 pieces.

We ship from China, usually from Shanghai or Foshan seaport. You can choose sea or air transportation.

We have produced stair railings for over ten years, with multiple production lines, skilled operators, and an efficient sales team.

Yes. We have an international trade sales team to serve overseas customers. International trade orders have already accounted for a certain percentage of our annual sales.

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